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The Memphis Barbecue Network (MBN) is one of the leading sanctioning bodies of BBQ contests in the world. It is dedicated to promoting and preserving the unique Memphis style of BBQ though education, support, and management. MBN officials assist event organizers in promoting, organizing, and conducting the sanctioned events in accordance with MBN standards.

MBN Goals

  • Show respect. To be attentive to the needs of BBQ teams and give proper recognition to their hard work & investment of time and resources.
  • To provide communications, organization and support for existing contests.
  • To provide the contest network with knowledgeable and experienced judges.
  • To maintain the integrity of judging procedures.

MBN Contact Information

Memphis Barbecue Network

2423 Birchtree Drive

Memphis, TN 38138

MBN Board of Directors

2018 MBN Board of Directors

President:               Suzanne Rhea

Vice President:       Elise Jenkins

Treasurer:               Eddie Foshee

Secretary:               Maggie Adkison 

At Large:                 Lori Dixon 

At Large:                 Gary Countz 

Team Liaison:         Craig Wilkerson

Judge Liaison:        Jack Cooper

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