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With this application, I/we apply for a sanctioned contest by the Memphis Barbecue Network. Contest Organizer, its officers, and directors agree to the following conditions in order to obtain sanctioning from the MBN.
1. A completed “Request for Sanctioning” form should be received by Memphis Barbecue Network at least six (6) months (for new contests), four (4) months (for existing contests) prior to requested contest date. Consideration may be given to “Requests for Sanctioning” which are outside the above guidelines, but only on a case‐by‐case basis and with the full understanding by the contest of the possible negative consequences resulting from a shortened planning timeframe.
2. Contests are considered “new” if the Memphis Barbecue Network has never sanctioned them, OR if they are requesting sanctioning after an interruption of a year ormore.
3. If this is the first time the contest is to be sanctioned by MBN, I agree to attend an Organizers Seminar and attend/work a contest prior to the contest requesting sanctioning and to provide the MBN with a certificate of attendance signed by the Contest Official/Rep a minimum of 6 (six) months prior to the contest.
4. I/we have included the sanctioning fee of $400, plus an additional $200 for an additional sanctioned event, with the sanction request form. This fee covers administrative costs associated with processing and obtaining approval.
5. In addition to the sanctioning fee, ALL contests MUST include a line item on the team application that reads “MBN Administrative Fee” of $10. This amount will be collected by the contest from teams that enter and payable to MBN before awards are announced.
6. I/we agree to follow and abide by MBN Rules & Regulations and Judging Procedures, including guaranteeing and paying prize monies as published/advertised to at least 4 (four) places plus a Grand Champion. These amounts may not be reduced after sanctioning is granted and advertised. Proof of prize money (i.e., checks or cash) must be provided to the MBN rep before the MBN will release winners and scores to the Contest Organizer. Prize monies must be awarded by the end of the contest and contest results provided to teams no later than 10 (ten) days following the contest day.
7. Two contest reps will be provided for all contests with 50 or less total teams. For contests with more than 50 total teams, 4 (four) reps will be required based upon the Board’s review of the sanctioning request. For contest sanctioning 2 (two) events (MBN and special event), a total number of teams will be used to determine the number of reps.
8. The contest must pay for or provide each MBN Representative (Rep) with travel expenses [air fare + ground transportation/car rental and/or round trip mileage @ the current government mandated rate] plus $75 per rep, per contest for expenses. Additionally, the contest must provide suitable lodging for ALL Memphis Barbecue Network Representatives traveling to the contest in an official capacity. The contest must make the hotel reservations and arrange to prepay or be billed directly for the tworooms.
9. I/we agree to pay the balance due of all MBN fees (Admin fees and Rep expenses) before the awards are distributed.  Failure to pay these fees will result in no awards beingannounced.
10. All current contests’ dates are protected for 90 days following the completion of the contest. After 90 days the date is open for other applicants. 11. Thirty (30) days prior to the contest date, I/we agree to provide a Certificate of Insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000.00 with MBN named on the certificate of insurance.
12. I/we agree to provide needed materials and supplies requested by MBN to run the contest. In addition, I/we agree to provide all support personnel required by the MBN Contest Rep including meat inspectors and volunteers to work in the Judging Area.
13. All contests, both new and existing, must name a separate Judging Chairperson and this person’s name and contact information must be on the “Request for Sanctioning” form. This person will be the Rep’s main contact for the contest.  The judges’ database will be sent to thisperson.
14. New contests or existing contests requesting new dates must be at least 150 miles (based on MAPQUEST) from existing contests on the same weekend.
15. I/we agree to provide MBN, upon request, free of charge, a space accessible to the public in the cook area or near the judging area for MBN and its national sponsors/partners to advertise, promote and sell its non‐competing products and services.
16. I/we agree to use the official MBN logo on all contest materials, including but not limited to, the web site, applications, promotional items, advertisements banners, signage, t‐shirts and all other contest materials after sanctioning has been approved.
17. It is understood that this agreement does not create a partnership. The Contest Organizer may not bind or contract on behalf of MBN. MBN agrees to provide the Organizer with a proprietary set of contest rules, team/judge databases, materials, and the officials to conduct the judging portion of the contest. Proprietary information is for the use of the contest only and cannot be shared with others without written approval from MBN.  The Organizer is responsible for all other issues concerning theirevent.
18. MBN does not make any representation to Organizer, nor guarantee the profitability of any contest, by agreeing to provide sanctioning. Sanctioning does not guarantee the number of participants who will participate and no such representation has been made to theOrganizer.
19. The minimum sanction fee is $400 must accompany this application before sanctioning request is presented to the Board. If the application is not approved, the fee will be refunded. Otherwise, the sanctioning fee will be refunded less a $75 administrative fee. Sanction requests are reviewed at monthly Board of Directors Meetings and approval is at the discretion of the Board of Directors based on date availability, lead‐time, strength of application and supporting materials, availability of Contest Representatives and other factors.
20. It is further understood that any violation of the above conditions contained in this agreement will, at the sole option of MBN, cause this agreement to be null and void. In that event, MBN will withdraw sanctioning and will not provide services to the Organizer. The Organizer will forfeit all monies and fees previously paid to MBN.
21. In consideration of the above covenants, the undersigned, officially representing the organization herein named, its officers and directors, agrees to hold Memphis Barbecue Network (MBN), its Board of Directors, officers, volunteers and their assigns harmless from any and all claims, suits or proceedings of any nature which may be brought against them on account of any action, non‐action on the part of the Organizer, its officers, employees or volunteers including any injuries to the person or property received during or related to the above described event. The undersigned agrees to abide by all requirements and responsibilities for MBN sanctioned events as stated in the sanctioning requirements. The undersigned agrees to execute the contest in accordance with MBN Rules & Regulations, and pay all fees (sanction and advertising) as setforth.
22. Settlement of any disputes will be governed under the laws of the State ofArkansas.
23. If you have any questions concerning these rules and regulations for sanctioning, please contact Becky Palmer at

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