MBN Mission

The Memphis Barbecue Network (MBN) is one of the leading sanctioning bodies of BBQ contests in the world. It is dedicated to promoting and preserving the unique Memphis style of BBQ though education, support, and management. MBN officials assist event organizers in promoting, organizing, and conducting the sanctioned events in accordance with MBN standards.

MBN Goals

MBN Leadership

Executive Board

Henry Evans


Maggie Adkison

Vice President

Kelley Evans


Kevin Wolfe


Adam Adkison

Barbara Anderson

Tom Anderson

Elise Jenkins

Suzanne Rhea

2024 Executive Board Meeting Schedule

2024 Executive Board Meeting Schedule
Agenda submission  deadline Date Location / Time
February 18, 2024 February 25, 2024 WebEx
May 19, 2024 May 26, 2024 WebEx
 August 18, 2024 August 25, 2024 WebEx
November 17, 2024 November 24, 2024 In Person

Meetings will be open to members for discussion requests after the Executive Session is complete.

Member discussion requests will be heard on a first come basis as time is limited.

All member discussion requests must be submitted on/before the submission deadline date.

Member discussion requests must include:

  • Name, Including Team Name or Contest Name
  • Member Affiliation (Team, Judge, Organizer)
  • Contact Information
  • Discussion Topic
  • Brief Topic Description/Request (3-4 Sentences)


Adam & Maggie Adkison
Tom & Barbara Anderson
Russ Beatse
Mike Beebe
Lori Dixon
Henry & Kelley Evans
John Paul Gates
Elise Jenkins
Tippi Jones
Becky Palmer
Suzanne Rhea
Missy Spears